We Will Come True Social Value in Rural Area with Customers

Greetings from the President of Korea Rural Community Corporation(KRC)

KRC has been with farmers since it was established in 1908 and implemented valuable services for the country and rural communities such as expansion of agricultural infrastructure, improving of living amenity and water resources management.

From now on, I’d like to focus on the core works that is essential to the people.

First, it will be built tailored agricultural infrastructure to support diverse usage of farmland and safe agricultural production.

Second, KRC will contribute to enhance quality of life and their income through securing adequate amount of clean water for rural area with efficient water management that is applied smart technology.

Third, it will be enforced tailor-made support of farmland for young and full-time farmers and developed to a place where more people want to visit and live in.

And KRC will take its lead regarding realizing social value including safety in rural communities and creating jobs in line with field-centered management system.

I will make the rooms for your participation in the KRC projects and will listen to your opinion carefully.

Lastly, I cordially would like to request your sincere cooperation and concern to become a good organization that is supported by farmers.

Thank you so much.

President Kiminsik
Korea Rural Community Corporation