Qualification & Licenses

ISO Certificate
  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
Safety diagnosis field
  • Professional organization for construction (facilities) safety diagnosis
  • Professional organization for facilities safety diagnosis
Quality diagnosis · Management field
  • Organization for professional quality diagnosis
  • Organization for confirming the fairness of quality diagnosis
  • Organization for quality management of rural households
  • Organization for compensation
Waste field
  • Organization testing waste landfill
Water quality · Environment field
  • Organization for facilities for the prevention of water pollution
  • Organization for managing wastewater treatment facilities
  • Organization for constructing wastewater treatment facilities
  • Organization for managing public drainages
  • Organization for designing and constructing polluted water & livestock wastewater facilities
  • Organization for managing public drainages
  • Agency for environmental influence evaluation
  • Agency for disaster influence evaluation
Groundwater · Hot springs field
  • Organization for the investigation of soil pollution
  • Organization for leakage analysis
  • Agency for groudwater investigation & groudwater quality analysis
  • Agency for groudwater environment influence investigation
  • Agency for groudwater influence
  • Organization for groudwater development,utilization,facilities, and construction
  • Organization for hot springs
  • Organization for groudwater purification
Education · Training field
  • Agency for educational training of construction engineers and supervisors