KRC, a professional agency for managing agricultural and fishery water, protects public lives and properties.
We contribute to the growth of the nation’s agricultural productivity by using agricultural production infrastructure, including reservoirs, pumping and drainage stations, and supplying good agricultural water in a stably and timely manner. KRC also protects lives and properties from natural disasters, such as droughts and floods, as a result of climate change, by repairing decrepit facilities and modernizing irrigation plants.
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Improvement of drainage system
We protect farmlands prone to flood damage by setting up drainage stations, ditches, drainage gates and other facilities.

We invest an average of $268 million annually to manage 13,000 water facilities, 99,000 kilometers of irrigation and drainage channels and 524,000 hectares of farmland.

Facility renovation
We repair and enhance aged and malfunctioning facilities vulnerable to disasters. Conduct safety diagnoses on agricultural infrastructure and emergency repair on problematic facilities.