KRC supports stable farm management and improves the livelihoods of aging farmers.
We foster competitive full-time farmers by helping them more effectively utilize their farmland. We also promote stable and effective farm management, particularly for farmers suffering from natural disasters such as droughts and floods. In addition, we offer aging farmers a “farmland pension” to support their livelihoods.
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Farm scale-up project
We buy or borrow unused farmland from non-farmers or retiring aged farmers, and then sell or lease the land to full-time farmers.

Buying farmland to support revival of farmers.
We buy farmland from farmers who suffer from management crisis as a result of natural disasters or increasing debt. We also help them to settle their liabilities and normalize their farm operations.

Farmland pension
We support the stable livelihoods of aging farmers by providing a monthly pension called “funds for stable living of the aged.” The pension offers a monthly pension by taking farmers’ land as collateral.