We seek to build a “powerful” rural community through modernizing rural villages and promoting urban-rural exchange.
KRC fosters balanced development between urban and rural areas by improving rural living conditions in harmony with the environment, and boosting the income of farmers and fishermen. We implement various urban-rural exchange programs. These include organizing field trips for city dwellers to experience the culture and history of farming and fishing villages. We also run a farm school where people can learn how to cultivate various crops and to fish.
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Development of farming, mountain and fishing villages
We improve basic living conditions comprehensively and systematically for rural residents by taking into account of the settlement zones of villages, the small living circle, and Uep and Myeon.

Fishing village development
We contribute to increasing fishermen’s income and improving the quality of their life by building a wide range of infrastructure for the fishery industry.

Urban-rural exchange and promotion of agriculture and fishing industries
We foster balanced development between urban and rural areas by creating rural experience and resort villages. We develop tangible and intangible resources in rural areas into a “sixth industry.”