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By building the world’s longest 33.9 kilometer seawall, KRC turned the impossible into the possible.
The Saemangeum reclamation project, which was previously considered impossible to build, was completed using only our own technologies. The Saemangeum Seawall, envied by the rest of the world, has emerged as an economic hub of Northeast Asia. Its reclaimed lands are being turned into an eco-friendly agricultural complex, a cutting-edge industrial complex, and tourism and multi-use zones.
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Eco-friendly, high-tech agricultural complex for exports
We make use of Saemangeum as an export base for agricultural products and processed foods. We will realize competitive, large-scale agriculture by building glasshouses and other modern facilities, and cultivating eco-friendly agricultural products.

Land for multiple urban and tourism uses
We will create a clean city where humans and nature co-exist, a pleasant and beautiful waterfront tourism city, and an eco-friendly green transport city. We will build international business, commercial, industrial and residential complexes in Saemangeum.

Land for industries and new renewable energy
We will grow into a knowledge-creating and eco-friendly industrial hub, by building infrastructure for automobile parts and shipbuilding industries, and creating a low-carbon green model city, and a wind-power and solar-power industrial cluster.