We increase happiness and improve the quality of life through the “farm, mountain, fishing village happiness-charging project.”
KRC promotes the farm, mountain, fishing village happiness-charging project to provide tailored services for residents in farming, mountainous, and fishing villages. KRC improves the quality of life for residents in farming, mountainous and fishing villages through customized support projects aimed at spreading happiness among villagers.
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Growing happiness
We campaign for environment conservation in farming, mountainous and fishing villages. KRC promotes healthcare for local residents, creates jobs, and implements community empowerment programs in remote farming, mountainous and fishing villages. We also build group homes and cultural centers in rural areas, as well as provide means of transportation.

Raising happiness
KRC provides customized safety services in times of emergency and natural disasters, and promotes happiness among rural villagers through talent donation. We implement community service programs in foreign countries to help them maintain clean water, and support “green” education.

Sharing happiness
We revitalize corporate social responsibility programs to boost welfare for farmers and fishermen. KRC also organizes seasonal festivals and other events to spread happiness among members of rural communities.