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Sharing, Care, Service: The spirit that KRC promotes around the world.
We seek to become a globally-recognized rural infrastructure developer by establishing a presence in a number of countries. KRC is emerging as a globally-competitive public enterprise specializing in rural community development. To achieve this goal, we are expanding various overseas projects utilizing our talented manpower and advanced technological knowhow in the field of agricultural infrastructure development.
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Technology consulting project
With the intent to share our advanced agricultural techniques and experience concerning water resource development, we have carried out preliminary feasibility tests, the designing and the administration of irrigation and drainage facilities, underwater development, agricultural development and rural village development in developing countries.

Supporting overseas agriculture development
We support private enterprises’ overseas agriculture development projects by extending financial support, conducting market research, and providing consulting services and market information. We help companies secure a stable supply chain when they develop overseas farms across the globe.

International agricultural cooperation project
We facilitate agricultural and rural developments in developing countries by implementing official development assistance (ODA) projects to improve agricultural infrastructure and living conditions, and sharing our advanced farming technologies. KRC also invites government officials from developing countries and provides them training on farming, water resource management, and construction of reservoirs and other agricultural infrastructure.