With its glocalization and smart management, KRC leads in creating a model corporate culture.
KRC has built a smart management system and adopted glocalization, which pursues globalization and localization at the same time. Also, we are building an upright and exemplary corporate culture as a global public enterprise.
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KRC promotes the policy of expanding overseas projects in developing countries as a worldwide rural development public enterprise. We began glocalization with the relocation of our headquarters to Naju, South Jeolla Province, and will focus on localization policies to create happy rural communities.

Smart management
As the first among public enterprises in Korea, we spearhead the smart work era by enabling all employees to work more effectively and happily by upgrading work procedures and the working environment.

Clean management
KRC pursues clear and upright management by removing abnormal practices and customs, which had continued for ages. We made the utmost efforts to implement clean management by holding staff to high ethical standards and eradicating corruption.